our commitment to our clients /// Pars Design will complete your project from beginning to end, and take you through the process at each step. We understand the importance of each of our client's ideas, so we listen carefully and integrate our ideas into yours. Keeping you involved with the process helps us to ensure your satisfaction and avoid mistakes, which saves time and money.

• The Idea
Asking the question "what reflects your surroundings"? We make sure to take into consideration the existing infrastructure, whilst challenging current systems so we may understand structure and the characters of the building both in the past and the present.

• Planning + Design
Creates a comprehensive framework for design solutions that are a fusion of precise analysis, environmental responsibility, economic realism and cultural awareness. Therefore combining the achievable and the visionary into one.

• Collaboration + Teamwork

Connecting our clients to the work where they are tied to the real world. We encourage our clients to get involved in the process. We deliver insights and solve un-forseen problems.

These are a few of the services we provide. Pars Design prides itself on developing ideas from big to small and paying attention to the details. We also have worked with international clients in Europe and abroad, and are willing to travel to accomodate any project. Contact us for more information.
• Design + Pars Design works as designer and project manager to create a team-building atmosphere. We work with commercial and residential spaces and have experience with public and religious buildings.
LEED / Green Building + Environmental concerns are an important factor in designing and choosing materials. We strive to take our focus towards building 'green'.
Marketing + With extensive experience in project management, Pars Design can help any architectural firm or individual explore and broaden its marketing goals and options.